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NetTAP® SDN Technology Innovative Application of Network Traffic Control Visibility Part 2

NetTAP® SDN Technology Innovative Application of Network Traffic Control Visibility Part 2

  • NetTAP® SDN Technology Innovative Application of Network Traffic Control Visibility Part 2
NetTAP® SDN Technology Innovative Application of Network Traffic Control Visibility Part 2
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Detailed Product Description
SDN: Software Defined Network Technology SDN Advantage: High Utilization, Quick Repair, Smooth Upgrade
SDWAN: Software-defined Wide Area Network OpenFlow Protocol: SDN Controller And SDN-TAP
Application: Network Traffic Data Visibility Control NetTAP® Technology: Data Masking, Filtering, Deduplication, Slicing, Etc.
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Elastic Computing SDN Technology


OpenFlow protocol SDN Technology


RoHS Software Defined Network Technology

NetTAP® SDN Technology - Innovative Application of Network Traffic Control Visibility Part 2
The principle of SDN Technology
Software Defined Network (SDN) is a new Network innovation architecture proposed by Clean State Research Group of Stanford University. It can define and control the Network in the form of Software programming. It has the characteristics of separation of control plane and forwarding plane and open and programmable.
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The Development of SDN Technology
It has been more than 10 years since the concept was put forward, continuous engineering practice and the extensive application of SDN technology and its various branch technologies in various industries. In today's data center, WAN, transmission and other fields, SDN technology and its technical ideas have been generally blossoming and bearing fruit, and become the basis of intelligent and intentional network in the future.
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The Core Advantage of SDN Technology
Network Simplification: Simplifies configuration, management and optimization by providing a unified view of the network architecture and a consistent view of the entire network fabric.
High Utilization: Centralized traffic engineering enables us to effectively adjust the end-to-end traffic path for efficient utilization of network resources.
Fast fault recovery: Both link failure and node failure can be quickly repaired. In addition, the system can quickly aggregate network resources, achieve balanced allocation, and predict some network behaviors.
Smooth upgrades: Separation of control plane and forward/data plane allows for smooth software upgrades without packet loss or performance degradation.
Elastic Computing: Large-scale computing and path analysis are integrated in the sub-controller and completed by the latest generation server.
What SDN does is to separate the control of the network devices without relying on the underlying network devices, and manage them by a centralized controller, thus covering up the differences between the underlying network devices. With the control fully open, users can customize any network routing and transmission rules and policies they want to achieve, making it more flexible and intelligent. After the transition to SDN, there is no need to repeatedly configure the routers of each node in the network. Devices in the network are automatically connected and only need to define simple network rules at the time of use. Therefore, if the protocol built into the router cannot meet the user's needs, it can be modified programmatically to obtain better data exchange performance. Therefore, for network equipment, users can like to upgrade, install software to modify the network architecture, expand and meet the user's adjustments to the network architecture, or need to upgrade, while the underlying hardware, such as switches and routers, do not need to be replaced, and at the same time save a lot Cost, the iteration cycle of the network architecture will be shortened.
Application of SDN Technology in Network Traffic Data Visibility Control

SDN Technology Architecture has been widely applied in data center, WAN, transmission, intent-based network and other fields, and it also has outstanding performance in traffic data control.

Traffic data contains all the information of IT information data interaction. Based on the rich data connotation of "traffic data" itself, IT determines the analysis value of "traffic data". The multi-dimensional analysis of traffic data such as "information security analysis", "business health analysis", "IT operation and maintenance big data analysis" has been widely applied in the IT information of all walks of life, which strongly guarantees the enterprise information security and the normal operation of IT system. In the process of information/network development, the unified management/control of traffic data has become imperative.

SDN technology constructs the traffic data acquisition network, separates the data plane and control plane of the traditional traffic data acquisition equipment, and manages and distributes various traffic data acquisition equipment through the centralized controller and standardized interface. The flow acquisition plane integrates the current mainstream flow acquisition technology in the industry to centrally manage the flow data acquisition. In terms of flow processing, through the flow processing center, the flow data can be replicated, aggregated, split, de-weighted, desensitized, data slicing, filtering and other operations. Meanwhile, the flow data can be forwarded to the back-end business/security/operation and maintenance analysis equipment at line speed. User interface in the controller, through different view components, can be the network traffic data to demonstrate to the user, let users understand the running status of the use of the network, including network load distribution and bandwidth, communications, business quality, conform to the standards and service quality, failure and failure risk, etc., thus, network optimization and operation maintenance management work.

NetTAP® SDN Technology Innovative Application of Network Traffic Control Visibility Part 2 2

SDN-Controller and SDN-TAP use the OpenFlow protocol to achieve finer-grained data collection and presentation. Continuously monitor core links, key business applications, traditional data centers and cloud data centers to achieve full coverage of traffic data and eliminate monitoring blind spots. Respond to rapid delivery processes and support emergency response. Realize traffic data security control, sort out traffic data according to business data types, and reduce data leakage risks. Realize on-demand distribution of traffic data, improve the efficiency of the safety analysis system, and save overall investment. Real-time awareness of network traffic conditions, big data analysis and presentation. In this way, we can fully grasp the usage of various applications, deeply analyze the traffic model and performance change model of the applications, so as to prevent failures, and provide basis for network and application planning and operation management.


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