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NetTAP® SOLUTION Network Data Visualization Of Chinese E-government Cloud

NetTAP® SOLUTION Network Data Visualization Of Chinese E-government Cloud

  • NetTAP® SOLUTION Network Data Visualization Of Chinese E-government Cloud
NetTAP® SOLUTION Network Data Visualization Of Chinese E-government Cloud
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Place of Origin: China
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Applications: Data Center Of Telecom, Broadcasting, Government, Finance, Energy, Power, Petroleum, Hospital, School, Enterprise And Other Industries Related Solutions: Network Visibility, Network Monitor, Network Security, Network Analytics, Data Center, Traffic Management, Traffic Optimize
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NetTAP® Network Data Visualization Control Equipment Of Chinese E-government Cloud Solution


Chinese E-government Cloud Background

With the transformation of Chinese government into a public service government, the government has been paying more and more attention to people's livelihood, and e-government is an important starting point.In particular, the 18th national congress listed informatization as one of the "new four modernizations" (new industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization), which means that informatization will become one of the core forces to promote China's economic and social transformation.


The opinions on strengthening and improving the construction management of the national e-government project issued by the National Development and Reform Commission specifically pointed out that "the application of new technologies in e-government projects should be promoted.We will encourage the use of new technologies such as the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, the next generation Internet, green energy saving, and simulation in e-government projects, and promote their wide application in the construction of e-government projects.


Chinese E-government Cloud Network Troubles

The network security system planning of e-government cloud is mainly composed of physical layer, resource layer and application security layer, while the data collection is mainly involved in the network layer.In the e-government cloud, security products that meet the requirements are usually deployed to conduct real-time monitoring and analysis of network data to achieve security protection.Such security products can be subdivided into intrusion detection and defense, attack prevention, security audit, behavior analysis, performance analysis, situational awareness, big data security analysis and so on. However, such systems and devices themselves do not have active data acquisition functions.

Therefore, in the current complex and diverse e-government cloud network architecture, a large number of information security products and data analysis products are scattered and deployed in different parts of the network. Traditional network shunt or converged shunt device solutions are not only difficult to manage and maintain, but also difficult to form a unified and effective security system.Its main problems are as follows:

1) scattered deployment is easy to form information islands, leading to monitoring blind spots.

2) network traffic is directly input into security and analysis products, and performance pressure is huge.

3) the original data is repeatedly audited and analyzed to form a second leak.

4) it is difficult to troubleshoot and locate faults and has high requirements on maintenance personnel.

5) repeated investment of equipment, resulting in waste of investment.


NetTAP® MATRIX NetInsight™ For Chinese E-government Cloud Solution

Matrix-netinsight™ Network Traffic Visualization Control System is a multi-dimensional monitoring traffic management system independently developed and innovated by chengdu. It can integrate monitoring traffic distributed in different physical and logical areas into centralized control and achieve unified deployment, management, monitoring, analysis and presentation.

MATRIX - NetInsight flow visualization control system can the entire network seamless data acquisition and data correlation analysis, the formation of a unified visual monitoring management perspective, through the network, the application of machine learning to the business system and business exceptions data real-time capture, depth of combing business side, the client, the network node, running state and the law of message exchange, second level positioning to the fault components, retained the abnormal amount of raw data, improving the capacity of the operation of the key business system security and troubleshooting efficiency.

NetTAP® SOLUTION Network Data Visualization Of Chinese E-government Cloud 0

Matrix-netinsight™ Network Traffic Visualization Control System realizes automatic monitoring through deep learning algorithm, and timely finds hidden risks and faults without the need for personnel to view them, and triggers alarm actions, so as to improve operation guarantee ability and fault resolution efficiency of critical business systems.Analyze the monitoring results by region, equipment and time, and output various reports, so that the management can more easily and directly grasp the operation of the network and system, make overall planning and timely adjustment.


Chinese E-government Cloud Solution Value

1- Network Traffic Collect and Distribute Centrally to Economize the Investment

NetTAP® SOLUTION Network Data Visualization Of Chinese E-government Cloud 1

System transparent deployment in the user's network, under the premise that does not affect existing business system, the scattered light, electricity links to online in the form of light and the bypass mirror centralized data acquisition and realize the full amount of the original data capture, data in the output stage, based on L2 - about the information of key flow extraction, classification and the allocation of priorities, with all kinds of different requirements to make safety equipment for flow optimization, and intelligent flow required for its distribution, reduce the security of all kinds of security equipment processing pressure, enhance the analysis efficiency, thus saving users to the overall project cost of investment.


2- Monitor Traffic Status Tracking and Traffic Real-time Monitoring

System has a strong flow in and out of station identification technology, in different network nodes for data acquisition, automatic card flow path can use artificial intelligence algorithm, real-time perception the running state of the entire network, from network devices, the host, to the full range of business transaction status visualization, provide real-time data and historical data, the future trend of multidimensional kpis, help users from the local to the overall deep insight into the network running status, improve the quality of network operation.


3- Flexible Traffic Snapshots Speed up the Event Localization and Reduce Losses

NetTAP® SOLUTION Network Data Visualization Of Chinese E-government Cloud 2

System unique flexible snapshot function in abnormal event occurs immediately to a snapshot of the current network status of the original data, formulate the scene of abnormal events occur, and multiple nodes to a snapshot of the on-site data packet data correlation analysis, the root cause the happening of the event or failure to provide the most direct analysis reference, accelerate the cause of the abnormal event positioning and solving time, effectively reduce the loss.


4- Flexible third-party API interface, easy to integrate

Based on the open platform architecture, NetTAP® MATRIX NetInsight™ Network Traffic Visibility Control System can flexibly support multiple forms of interface output to a third-party security management platform or situation monitoring platform for unified analysis and presentation.


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