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NetTAP® SDN Technology - Challenges and Difficulties in Network Traffic Data Control

NetTAP® SDN Technology - Challenges and Difficulties in Network Traffic Data Control

  • NetTAP® SDN Technology - Challenges and Difficulties in Network Traffic Data Control
NetTAP® SDN Technology - Challenges and Difficulties in Network Traffic Data Control
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SDN: Software Defined Network Technology SDN Advantage: High Utilization, Quick Repair, Smooth Upgrade
Stack Technology: For Data Acquisition Control OpenFlow Protocol: SDN Controller And SDN-TAP
Application: Network Traffic Control NetTAP® Technology: Data Masking, Filtering, Deduplication, Slicing, Etc.
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Network Traffic Data Control NetTAP

NetTAP® SDN Technology - Challenges and Difficulties in Network Traffic Data Control


1. The challenge of Network Traffic Data Control

Along with the network intelligent development, around the network operations, network security operations, the demand for business operations is facing new challenges, based on the analysis of traffic data breadth, depth analysis of the technology in the network monitoring and analysis/security threats/business monitoring and analysis of field test and analysis play an increasingly important role, the bypass traffic data management for the enterprise itself has brought significant growth in demand:

1- traffic data collection and the location of the increasing demand - from previous important and key position of network traffic data collection needs to cover cut in most of the position, the growth of network elements from the previous need only the exchange of core layer, key resources area several network location of traffic data collection, to now requires all network key location area (core layer, server, remote access area, the DMZ, etc.), sinking to the convergence layer and access layer, data center virtualization layer and remote public clouds of ubiquitous network monitoring and data acquisition.

2- traffic demand diversity/fine distribution of the data content - based on the demand of traffic data content from the amount of data to be based on the analysis of the different dimensions, based on the analysis of the different target, demand traffic data content more diversification and intensification. For example, business-based monitoring analysis only needs accurate business-related traffic data. Audit based on special traffic (database audit, business access behavior audit) only needs special traffic content; this puts forward new requirements for the distribution and management of traffic data.


2. The Difficult Problem of Network Traffic Data Control

Network traffic data/delivery difficulties - the growth in demand as the business monitor/information safety inspection/big data analysis of the application of continuous development, a provincial IT business network often require more than 10 categories, dozens of sets of surrounding traffic data analysis of security/operational analysis of such systems, the traffic data analysis system for each are not identical, to the demand of data traffic data is difficult to realize the fast delivery, unable to meet the "retainer", "platform test" and "flexible operations" requirements.

1- traffic data source/destination management chaos, difficult to comb - traffic data from IT dozens or even hundreds of different positions within the network traffic, through cross copy/distribute reference, which is full of traffic data itself all the source/destination management becomes extremely and difficult comb, appear easily flow error distribution, want to take the less than, ineffective traffic flow waste analysis performance, will ultimately affect the analysis system of the expensive investment effect.

2- virtualization/cloud network traffic data acquisition difficult - data center virtualization/cloud network of a large number of applications, the data interaction between the virtual server may reflect only within the same server memory data exchange, this led to the business/safety testing analysis a new blind spot monitoring data.

3- flow data leak risk faced by unrestricted distribution - flow data itself has the rich connotation of the "reference" traffic data in the safety/ops technology status "document), the data itself highly sensitivity, simple copy/unlimited traffic data gathered in the form of distribution, which are sensitive data information/user information such as key data leakage, the operator/energy in the operation of the business system with a large number of users window especially sensitive, has been through the technology of illegal use of traffic data illegal to steal the user data and transaction of the public security events.

4- SDN network also need to? - in the present network traffic data management has adopted SDN overlay + underlay network data center solutions, network also need to manage the traffic data? The answer is yes! Although SDN network has the capability of traffic distribution, due to the limited hardware capability of network execution layer (switch) itself, the traffic data of in-band service network and mirrored traffic data cannot be fully carried in a set of service network, otherwise it will easily cause the problem of traffic data pressure exceeding.


3. The difficulty of Network Traffic Data Control in traditional ways

Traditional networks are divided into management plane, control plane and data plane:

The management plane mainly includes the equipment management system and the business management system. The equipment management system is responsible for the management of network topology, equipment interface and equipment characteristics, and can also issue configuration scripts to the equipment.The business management system is used to manage the business, such as business performance monitoring, business alarm management, etc.

The control plane is responsible for network control and its main function is protocol processing and calculation.For example, routing protocol is used for routing information calculation and routing table generation.

Data plane means that the device completes the forwarding and processing of user business according to the instructions generated by the control plane.For example, the data packets received by the forwarding pair generated by the traffic data forwarding protocol are forwarded by the traffic acquisition unit from the corresponding outgoing interface.

Traditional traffic data control usually deploys the network management system as the management plane, and the control plane and data plane are distributed to run on each device.The traffic path adjustment needs to be achieved by configuring the traffic strategy on the acquisition unit. However, the traffic adjustment of a large network is not only tedious, but also prone to failure and complicated operation and maintenance.Because the control surface of the equipment is closed in the traditional network, the deployment of a new function may lead to a long cycle.And if the equipment software needs to be upgraded, it also needs to be operated on each device, which greatly reduces the work efficiency.

Limitations of traditional traffic data control:

1- Lack of flexible adjustment ability of traffic path;

2- The implementation of network protocol is complex and operation and maintenance is difficult;

3- Slow speed of new business demand for traffic data.


4. SNMP- Centralized management of Data Acquisition Devices

NetTAP® SDN Technology - Challenges and Difficulties in Network Traffic Data Control 0


1- SNMP management function is extremely limited, at best, they were centralized monitoring equipment/port state, from the "data management" gap is very big.

2- The SNMP protocol is an acquisition device port management, with the user's data source, destination, do complete connection strategy, user actual use management difficult.

3- Give priority to in order to monitor the SNMP protocol itself, cannot be based on the strategy of data management platform was carried out on the device itself changes.It is essentially no different from managing each device independently.

4- Unable to realize traffic data "network", unable to realize intelligent/dynamic distribution of traffic data.Based on the traditional method of device cascades, the association between multiple acquisition devices is completed. When the traffic data needs to be transmitted by multiple hops, the administrator must manually configure the configuration step by step, which will greatly increase the workload of the administrator for the slightly larger traffic data processing requirements.


5. "Stack" for centralized control of data acquisition devices


NetTAP® SDN Technology - Challenges and Difficulties in Network Traffic Data Control 1

The fundamental disadvantage of stack-based centralized device management is also obvious:

1- because of the limitation of "stacked" technology stack equipment is directly related to management performance.Although in theory, the underlying ASIC chip can support the stack management of up to 128 switching units, in fact, due to the limited performance of the control surface of the device and the complexity of the interaction between devices, most vendors' devices cannot realize the stack of more than 8 devices that are really available.

2- after the "stack" of system reliability, system performance decreased significantly.For many manufacturers, the system reliability and system performance decline obviously when the system is larger than the stack of two multi-devices, which is prone to slow configuration management response and reduced device reliability.This is mainly caused by the fact that the main CPU of a single device needs to handle the load of multiple devices at the same time after stacking. In a simple sense, the brain configured for a single device is often insufficient to handle multiple devices at the same time.At the same time, it also involves the main control election and detection of multiple devices after stacking, which is easy to cause the brain crack fault after "stacking".

3- "stacked" system configuration complexity essence has not been reduced.After the multi-device stack, the configuration file of the device is essentially a collection of configuration files of multiple devices, and the administrator will have to understand the more complex stack topology, and the distribution management strategy for the traffic data itself will become more complex and difficult to understand.


6. NetTAP® SDN Technology in Network Traffic Data Control

NetTAP® SDN Technology - Challenges and Difficulties in Network Traffic Data Control 2


1- Network flow data source/destination/process oriented management.

The "current network topology-Acquisition network Topology-data analysis system" trinity presentation mode pioneered by the MATRIX-SDN traffic data management platform enables users to manage various complex and numerous collection points from a unified view and clearly see the collection source, distribution path and output target of the traffic.

Based on the data source of each collection point, output target and interconnection link in the collection network, the current traffic status, packet length distribution and traffic trend graph of each target can be displayed in real time in the centralized visual presentation view, so that users can have a clear understanding of the traffic data status and have an intuitive understanding of the data status of the whole network.Realize the management of the whole network traffic data source/destination/processing process.


2- Traffic data content identification and classification management.

Based on the depth protocol identification and detection technology, the system conducts an in-depth analysis of the current traffic at the critical position of the network, identifies the application protocol type carried in the traffic, and then analyzes the proportion of all kinds of business traffic, and presents the analysis with an intuitive chart, so that users can have an overview of the distribution state of the current network traffic.

Based on the data sensitivity, business interaction and protocol characteristics of different business interaction data streams, the method of data classification centering on the core business data streams has good aggregation property.First of all, different classified flow data should be established in different business systems, and different categories should be used for traffic data distribution management control. In order to reduce traffic data security risks and improve traffic data security, traffic data should be provided to different traffic data analysis tools in accordance with the principle of "minimizing data authority".


3- Management of target systems for traffic data requirements.

Based on different business access data types within the network, different traffic classification output strategies can be formulated. The control based on traffic data classification output is typically applied to:

A. The traffic data analysis system of different dimensions can obtain data on demand and traffic data from different network locations and different application data types.

B. Traffic data security control based on the principle of minimal data access can reduce the risk of data leakage on the one hand and the performance pressure of the analysis system on the other hand.


4- Comprehensive traffic data management means support.

NetTAP based on years of experience in traffic data collection and output control, control MATRIX - SDN traffic data platform support custom offset matching, slice, VLAN tagging, DPI message application protocol filtering, identification, diverse group message to output, and remove the packaging and tag more flexible data control function, can be flexible in different customer environment network is used.

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