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NetTAP Network Packet Broker Data Capture for Hospital Network Security of Medical Field

NetTAP Network Packet Broker Data Capture for Hospital Network Security of Medical Field

  • NetTAP Network Packet Broker Data Capture for Hospital Network Security of Medical Field
NetTAP Network Packet Broker Data Capture for Hospital Network Security of Medical Field
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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: NetTAP®
Certification: CCC, CE, RoHS
Model Number: NT-FTAP-48XE
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Detailed Product Description
Medical Industry Network Security Services: Hospital Infomation Data Center Monitoring Data Capture: Registration, Detection, Payment
SARS-CoV-2: Detection Data Analysis Medical Data Statistics: Hospital Network Isolation And Information Data Exchange Construction Needs.
Applications:: Anti-virus, Anti-attack, Load Balance Related Solutions:: Network Visibility, Network Monitor, Network Security, Network Analytics, Data Center, Traffic Management, Traffic Optimize
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tap protocol identify

NetTAP Network Packet Broker Data Capture for Hospital Network Security of Medical Field


1. Key Facts

At present, medical system has been in the reform of the medical industry standardization is also gradually realize, as an important industry, so its development must keep up with the pace of The Times, in order to more reasonable and efficient management activities, in the informatization construction of medical industry have also been accelerated, which makes the hospitals are also actively use modern management tools to achieve the purpose of improving efficiency. For the medical industry, modern management tools are undoubtedly a reform to improve the overall work efficiency of the hospital, strengthen internal management, and achieve better doctor-patient communication. Although modern management tools bring benefits to the hospital, they also bring some disadvantages, namely information security.

Information security problems are common in all walks of life. This is because of the rapid development of the Internet. People's Daily life and entertainment are basically inseparable from the Internet.As far as medical registration and bank account operation, a series of behaviors cannot be separated from the Internet.The network black industry chain is to keep a close eye on these activities closely related to life, only then has the opportunity to make illegal profits.Also, into the modern management model of hospital information security problems, combined with the traditional medical industry will not absorb many information technology talent, led to the information security problems in the management process is not found in time and processing, this will let criminals given so information security problem must be worthy of the medical profession.Only in the information management at the same time to do a good job in information security work can get better economic and social benefits, to become a good reputation hospital.


NetTAP Network Packet Broker Data Capture for Hospital Network Security of Medical Field 0


Construction Strategy of network security system in medical industry:

1) Network transmission security:

Encrypt data transmission to ensure the security during transmission.

Backup and recovery: Important network equipment, applications, websites, etc. of the medical system should be backed up and have the ability to restore system operation in a very short time.

2) Anti-virus Ability:

The computer virus will cause a lot of damage to the daily business of the hospital, do a good job of anti-virus work is very important, it is necessary to establish the whole network of anti-virus system.

3) Network security detection:

vulnerability scanning system is adopted to scan the information system to ensure that the internal network operates in the best state. Anti-attack ability: the best way to defend against external threats is to adopt hardware firewall with strong performance, which not only provides password protection for the network, but also restricts access to applications based on user login specific database.Firewalls save bandwidth for critical business traffic by preventing intruders and allowing rogue applications to be identified and blocked.This efficient networking technology is critical to the healthcare industry, which has high confidentiality requirements.

4) Operation and maintenance security audit system:

After the external protection is completed, internal ghosts shall be prevented, hierarchical management and security management centers at all levels shall be established, and security audit technology shall be used to realize effective audit of the entire network, record and reproduce the security accidents occurred in the network, and ensure the security of network information and network operation.

5) Load balancing system:

Online registration has become a development trend. If the number of visitors at the same time is too large or the number of people paying attention to hospital websites and applications increases dramatically in the case of epidemic, the overall response speed and experience effect will be affected;In addition with a large number of medical information transmission work followed by slow transmission load balancing system can improve the hospital network utilization.



2. Intelligent Traffic Processing Abilities​ of Network Packet Broker(Part)


NetTAP Network Packet Broker Data Capture for Hospital Network Security of Medical Field 1ASIC Chip Plus Multicore CPU

480Gbps intelligent traffic processing capabilities


NetTAP Network Packet Broker Data Capture for Hospital Network Security of Medical Field 2Data Filtering

Supported L2-L7 packet filtering matching, such as SMAC, DMAC, SIP, DIP, Sport, Dport, TTL, SYN, ACK, FIN, Ethernet type field and value, IP protocol number, TOS, etc. also supported flexible combination of up to 2000 filtering rules.


NetTAP Network Packet Broker Data Capture for Hospital Network Security of Medical Field 3Real-time Traffic Trend Monitoring

Supported real-time monitoring and statistics on port-level and policy-level data traffic, to show the RX / TX rate, receive / send bytes, No., RX / TX the number of errors, the maximum income / hair rate and other key indicators.


NetTAP Network Packet Broker Data Capture for Hospital Network Security of Medical Field 4NetTAP® Visibility Platform

Supported NetTAP® Matrix-SDN Visual Control Platform Access


NetTAP Network Packet Broker Data Capture for Hospital Network Security of Medical Field 51+1 Redundant Power System(RPS)

Supported 1+1 Dual Redundant Power System


NetTAP Network Packet Broker Data Capture for Hospital Network Security of Medical Field 6NT-FTAP-48XE Network TAP NPB.pdf


3. Typical Application Structures

NetTAP® Network TAP for Hospital Infomation Data Center Capturing / Monitoring the Registration, Detection, Payment in Medical Industry Network Security Services.

NetTAP Network Packet Broker Data Capture for Hospital Network Security of Medical Field 7


Description of Network Structure

The various departments of the hospital, such as outpatient toll collectors, inpatient staff, doctors and administrative staff

Through the central switch network interconnection and access to the internal server of the hospital.The outpatient service charge office can access the medical insurance network through DDN special line, and the payment system of the outpatient service charge office can interact with the bank information through the Internet.


People's hospital network isolation and information exchange construction needs

In view of the current network situation, according to the planning of informatization construction of our hospital, the following objectives should be achieved:

From the perspective of management and technology, establish a multi-layer security system to ensure the security and confidentiality of hospital network information and various systems.At the same time, while maintaining the isolation of hospital medical insurance, Internet and various hospital systems, moderate and controllable data exchange between internal and external networks is carried out.Protect the security of each system network of the hospital, achieve isolation, prevent the attack of hackers outside the network. Record the hospital data center network, hospital file exchange and mail transfer log in detail, so as to keep records.


Internal networks can easily be attacked by malicious intruders from external networks.

Such as:

1- the intruder USES Sniffer and other Sniffer programs to detect and scan the network and operating system security vulnerabilities, such as network IP address, the type of application operating system, which TCP port number to open, the system to save user name and password and other security information key files, and through the corresponding attack program to attack the internal network.

2- intruders obtain the user name, password and other information of Intranet users through network monitoring and other advanced means, and then fake the internal legal identity to log in illegally and steal important information of Intranet.

3- malicious attack: the intruder sent a large number of pings to the Intranet important service, so that the server overworked to the denial of service and even the system crashed.


4. Specifications

NT-FTAP-48XE NetTAP® NPB Functional Parameters
Network Interface 10GE SFP+ ports 48 * SFP+ slots; support 10GE/GE; support for single and multi-mode fiber
Out of Band management interface 1* 10/100/1000M electrical interface;
Deployment mode 10Gigabit spectral acquisition Support 24*10GE bidirectional fiber links acquisition
10Gigabit Mirror span acquisition

Support up to 48 mirror span traffic ingress


Optical Splitter input Input port can support single-fiber ingress;
Port multiplexing Support input ports simultaneously as output ports;
Traffic output Support 48 *10GE ports traffic output;
Traffic replication / aggregation / distribution support
Link QTYs supporting Mirror replication / aggregation

1 -> N link traffic replication (N <48)

N-> 1 link traffic aggregation (N <48)

G Group(M-> N Link) traffic replication and aggregation [G * (M + N) <48]

Distribution based on traffic identification support
Distribution based on IP / protocol / port Five tuple traffic identification support
Distribution strategy based on protocol header the key labeled traffic identifies support
Ethernet encapsulation independence support
CONSOLE network management support
IP/WEB network management support
SNMP network management support
TELNET/SSH network management support
SYSLOG protocol support
User authentication function

Password authentication based on user name

Electric(1+1 Redundant Power System-RPS) Rated supply voltage AC110-240V/DC-48V [Optional]
Rated power frequency AC-50HZ
Rated input current AC-3A / DC-10A
Rated power function 200W
Environment Operating Temperature 0-50℃
Storage Temperature -20-70℃
Operating Humidity 10%-95%,Non-condensing
User Configuration Console Configuration RS232 Interface,115200,8,N,1
Password authentication support
Rack Height Rack space (U) 1U 485mm*44.5mm*350mm

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