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NPB Netinsight Analytics Traffic Data Visibility Sent Right Data to Right Tools

NPB Netinsight Analytics Traffic Data Visibility Sent Right Data to Right Tools

    • NPB Netinsight Analytics Traffic Data Visibility Sent Right Data to Right Tools
  • NPB Netinsight Analytics Traffic Data Visibility Sent Right Data to Right Tools

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: NetTAP®
    Certification: CCC, CE, RoHS
    Model Number: MATRIX-TCA-CG

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
    Price: Can Discuss
    Packaging Details: Outer Carton plus Inner Foam
    Delivery Time: 1-3 Working Days
    Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
    Supply Ability: 100 sets per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Applications: Data Center, Cloud, Network Edge Analysis: Data Audit, Bigdata Security, Access Behavior
    Packet Broker: Send The Right Data To The Right Tools Security Threats: Eliminate Monitoring Blind Spots
    Analysis Visibility: Quickly Troubleshoot Network Issues Broker Value: Efficiently Usage Of Network Analysis And Security Tools
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    network critical tap

    NetInsight™ Network Packet Broker Traffic Big Data Visibility Sent Right Data to Right Tools


    NetTAP® NetInsight™ Network Visibility Management Background

    Cloud e-government network security system planning is mainly composed of the physical layer, resource layer, application security, and data collection mainly involves in the network layer, the cloud in the electronic government affairs, by deploying meet the requirements of relevant safety products for real-time monitoring network data analysis so as to achieve security monitoring, security situational awareness effect. Such security products can be subdivided into IDS, Data Audit Equipment, Behavior Analysis equipment, Situational Awareness, Big Data Security Analysis System, etc., but this kind of equipment does not have the active Data Capture function.Therefore, in the complicated e-government network architecture, the cloud, when performing a multilevel security need to deploy a large number of security products at different positions of nodes in the network security monitoring, at the same time a large number of security products distributed deployment, has the high investment cost, easy to form the information isolated island, lead to monitor the blind spot, and also can't avoid duplicate data monitoring, not only reduces the analysis accuracy, but also caused the difficulty of management and maintenance.

    NetTAP® has been committed to for all enterprise users with entire network flow visualization acquisition monitoring solution, after 10 years of technology accumulation and precipitation, releasing MB, Gigabit, 10G, 40G, 100G and other highly dense flow visualization acquisition monitoring equipment, independent research and development of MATRIX - NetInsightTM lead network visualization monitoring tide flow visualization system, have powerful SDN(Software Defined Network) flow collection and distribution of MATRIX, network video, business function such as visual and abnormal flow storage module, for the whole network security situational awareness to build a strong support network level.


    Big Data Visibility
    Traffic Data Visibility Platform shows the trend of network traffic, beauty of network traffic and quality of network links from the perspective of big data. Network Paket Broker Visibility offer you:

    1- Where captured the data?

    2- How to manage the data?

    3- Why to analysis the data?

    4- Where to distribute the data?

    Also thinking for your IT man, sent the right data to the right tools!

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    NetTAP® SDN Traffic Capture and Distribution Matrix

    SDN Traffic Capture and Distribution of MATRIX component as MATRIX - NetInsightTM Traffic Visibililty System of the bottom support components, complete the user key network nodes (core switching nodes, servers region, communications link, before and after the firewall, load balancing, before and after the distribution layer, access layer key exchange node, the key operational areas, etc.) of the data set acquisition, through more than one unit of traffic acquisition device flexible ad-hoc network, the application of advanced SDN flow distribution technology, will be the operator or enterprise network monitoring traffic monitored 360 degrees no dead Angle.


    Each device unit of SDN traffic acquisition and distribution matrix adopts hardware ASIC chip for message classification and strategic forwarding based on classification.On the one hand, the performance of the flow is to ensure that the complete collection and lossless distribution to each back-end analysis equipment;On the one hand, through accurate filtering and classification of traffic, the analysis system based on different dimensions provides different types of traffic and effectively eliminates a large number of background traffic, which can greatly reduce the performance pressure on the back-end analysis system and save users' investment.On the other hand, the collection and distribution matrix can accept the precise collection requirements of the third party in real time through the API, and accurately collect message data output or storage or even transmit it to the visual analysis component for analysis to the specific link/host/terminal at a specific time (such as Fault Analysis, Network Debugging, Eliminate Monitoring Blind Spots and Security Threats)


    MATRIX NetInsight Traffic Data Visibility and Analysis VisibilitySystem


    The traffic data visualization analysis platform can comprehensively collect the network traffic flowing through the SDN traffic collection and distribution matrix and conduct the visualization analysis based on big data and artificial intelligence algorithm, so as to comprehensively and intuitively grasp the user's network traffic status.

    Topology presentation: the traffic data visualization analysis platform presents the network topology structure, as well as the location, state and real-time data flow information of data collection points in an intuitive and graphical way.

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    The recommended Network Packet Broker type with MATRIX NetInsight™ Network Visibility Platform:

    NPB Netinsight Analytics Traffic Data Visibility Sent Right Data to Right Tools 2

    NetInsight™ Network Packet Broker System Module

    System Parts Parts Name Description



    SDN Traffic Acquisition and Distribution Matrix SDNTAP- X4G24 SDN acquisition & distribution Matrix unit, 24 Gigabit, 4 * 10 Gigabit Visibility of SDNTAP required
    SDNTAP-X48VPP Advanced SDN acquisition & distribution Matrix unit;48* 10 Gigabit Visibility of SDNTAP
    SDNTAP-X48 SDN acquisition & distribution Matrix unit, 48* 10 Gigabit Visibility of SDNTAP
    SDNTAP-C6X48 SDN acquisition & distribution Matrix unit, 48* 10 Gigabit, 6* 100G Visibility of SDNTAP
    SDNTAP-FIB-SPLT Optical Splitter, based on the quantity and type of Optical Links optional
    MATRIX Management System Visibility MATRIX-SDN-CONTROLLER Centralized SDN Traffic Visibility Controller, Configurated Independent Hardware. required
    NetInsight Analysis System Visibility MATRIX-SDN-ANALYZER Analysis System Visibility, Configured Independent Hardware, Supported 3 * gigabit/ 10 gigabit Traffic Analysis Interface. optional
























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