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Inline Bypass TAP Threat Prevention Virtual Or Physical Network And Cloud Out Of Band

Inline Bypass TAP Threat Prevention Virtual Or Physical Network And Cloud Out Of Band

  • Inline Bypass TAP Threat Prevention Virtual Or Physical Network And Cloud Out Of Band
Inline Bypass TAP Threat Prevention Virtual Or Physical Network And Cloud Out Of Band
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: NetTAP®
Certification: CCC, CE, RoHS
Model Number: NT-iTAP-5GS-I/S
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Price: Can Discuss
Packaging Details: Outer Carton plus Inner Foam
Delivery Time: 1-3 Working Days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100 sets per month
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Detailed Product Description
Application: Threat Prevention Network: Virtual, Physical, Inline, Cloud, Out-of-Band
Optimize: Monitoring, Getting Insights IT Tools TAP Functions: Replicate, Aggregate, Bypass
TAP Deployment: Inline Or SPAN Multiple Links Depoy Network: Ethernet Network
High Light:

inline bypass tap


Physical Network Inline Bypass TAP


Virtual Network Inline Bypass TAP

Inline Bypass TAP Threat Prevention your Virtual or Physical Network and Cloud Out of Band


TAP(Test Access Point), also known as the divider, is a more popular network data acquisition method, can provide a comprehensive visual network data flow, the full speed of two-way session accurate monitoring, and no packet loss and delay.The emergence of Tap is a huge revolution in the whole field of network monitoring/monitoring. It fundamentally changes the access way of monitoring and analysis system and makes the whole monitoring system have a complete and flexible solution.

Current technological developments have created a variety of taps, including regeneration Tap which can aggregate multiple links, bypass Tap, matrix Tap switch and so on.


The advantage of the Network TAP
1 Capture 100% of the packet, no packet loss.
2 Irregular data packets can be detected to facilitate troubleshooting.
3 accurate timestamp, no delay and reset.
4 Once installation, the analyzer can be easily accessed and moved.


Easy to Operate

The device is fixed with 1 In-line IN/OUT port, 2 one-way traffic flow monitoring ports (TX/RX respectively), and 1 traffic flow aggregation monitoring port. The installation can be completed according to the port panel, without any jumper or other complicated configuration.

Status monitoring.The device has 1 system status indicator, 1 power indicator, Link rate status indicator and LinkActivity data activity indicator on each port, which can clearly indicate the current working state of the system.


Network TAP the Disadvantage

1. Extra cost to purchase TAP, which is very expensive and occupies rack space

2. Only one link can be viewed at a time.

Typical use of TAP

1. Business links: these links require extremely short troubleshooting time. Install the upper shunt TAP in these links, and network engineers can quickly find and eliminate unexpected problems.

2. Core or backbone links.They have high bandwidth utilization, and can not break the link when accessing the mobile analyzer.TAP ensures 100% data capture without packet loss, providing performance assurance for accurate analysis of these links.

3. VoIP and QoS: accurate jitter and packet loss rate measurement is required for VoIP quality of service test.TAP fully guarantees these tests, but the mirror port changes the jitter value and provides an unrealistic loss rate.

4. Troubleshooting: ensure that irregular data packets and wrong data packets can be detected.The mirror port filters out all of these packets, so it does not provide the engineer with important and complete data information for troubleshooting.

IDS application: IDS relies on complete data information to identify intrusion patterns, TAP can provide reliable and complete data flow to intrusion detection system.

6. Server cluster: multi-port divider can connect 8/12 links at the same time, which can realize remote free switch, convenient for monitoring and analysis at any time.


Data Aggregation Application as following (I type)


NT-iTAP-5GS/I is a smart gigabit Ethernet NetTAP traffic replication/aggregator developed to meet the growing demand for listening on secure bypass devices. NT-iTAP-5GS/I can support online deployment to gigabit Ethernet links, and perform data separation monitoring and two-way data aggregation monitoring.It can flexibly meet the deployment requirements of various bypass listening devices.



Inline Bypass TAP Threat Prevention Virtual Or Physical Network And Cloud Out Of Band 0



SPAN(Switch Port Analysis) is also known as mirror Port. Advanced switches can copy packets from one or more ports to a specified Port, which is called "mirror Port" or "destination Port". Analyzer can receive data from the mirror Port.However, this feature can affect the performance of the switch and cause packet loss when the data is overloaded.


NT-iTAP-5GS/I using ASIC chip pure hardware line speed Ethernet traffic, even if all ports used wire speed, at the same time can achieve no packet loss, effectively make your intrusion detection, defense system, security audit system, protocol analyzer, RMON probes and other safety bypass deployment device can complete data flow monitoring, better ensure the safety of your network.


NT-iTAP-5GS/I has flexible TX/RX flow replication or mixing aggregation capabilities.The device can not only separate the output two TX and RX flows, to ensure that the two-way flow under the full duplex 1G link is fully monitored;The TX/RX traffic can also be mixed to meet the requirement of monitoring two-way data traffic when some listening devices only have a single listening port.


NT-iTAP-5GS/I adopts intelligent BYPASS technology, which can timely detect and timely report the failure of port link to the uplink port in case of failure of downlink port link, and intelligently close the uplink port link so that the uplink port of SW1 can timely perceive the failure of interconnect port of SW3.It can quickly enable redundant equipment and routing mechanism to achieve the fast switching of traffic, effectively shorten the recovery time of network failure and enhance the reliability of the network.


Bypass Switch Bypass TAP Technical Characteristics

SpecFlow/FullLink Protection


The NetTAP® "Inline Bypass TAP Threat Prevention your Virtual or Physical Network and Cloud Out of Band" supports serial protection for complete link traffic and a serial protection mode for a specific traffic type. Users can choose the appropriate deployment mode according to the deployment requirements of different security devices.

FullLink protection mode. In this mode, the Policy Traffic Traction Protector forwards all traffic from the deployed link to the security device and performs real-time monitoring of the state of the security device. If the status of the security device is abnormal, the protector will automatically switch to the bypass state ensures network availability.

SepcFlow protection mode. In this mode, the Policy Traffic Traction Protector forwards some of the user-specified traffic types in the deployment link to the security device for processing. The remaining traffic is automatically bypassed without passing through the security device. While the protector on the state of the safety device to perform real-time monitoring, once the safety device status is abnormal, the protector will automatically switch to bypass state to ensure the availability of the network.




NetTAP® Network Packet Broker (NPB/TAP) I Type S Type
Interface Type Network Port GE Port(A/B)

GE Port


Monitor Port GE Port(A/B/AB)
Function Max Ports 5 ports 5 ports
Traffic Replication Support 1->4 Support 1 -> 4
Traffic Max Speed 1G 1G
Aggregation TX/RX Support -
Monitor TX/RX Support -
Bypass TX/RX Support -
Electric Power Supply 12V-DC
Frequency -
Current 1A
Power <10W
Environments Work Temperature 0-50℃
Storage Temperature -20-70℃
Work Humidity 10%-95%,No Condensation
Size L(mm)*W(mm)*H(mm) 180mm*140mm*35mm


Inline Bypass TAP Threat Prevention Virtual Or Physical Network And Cloud Out Of Band 1NT-iTAP-5GS Intelligent Network TAP Datasheet.pdf


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