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Packet Deduplication Generator Tap For Network Visibility And Data Optimization

Packet Deduplication Generator Tap For Network Visibility And Data Optimization

  • Packet Deduplication Generator Tap For Network Visibility And Data Optimization
Packet Deduplication Generator Tap For Network Visibility And Data Optimization
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: NetTAP®
Certification: CCC, CE, RoHS
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Price: Can Discuss
Packaging Details: Outer Carton plus Inner Foam
Delivery Time: 1-3 Working Days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100 sets per month
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Detailed Product Description
Deduplication: Improve Storage Efficiency Value: Improve Network Efficiency
Optimize: Get Better Analytics, Save Storage & Bandwidth, Ruduce Fault Header Stripping: Support VXLAN GRE GTP Headers Stripping
Applications: Data Center Of Telecom, Government, Etc SDN Makes: Network And All IT Systems Better
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deduplication network tap


Packet Deduplication Generator Tap


Data Optimization Deduplication Generator Tap

Packet Deduplication Generator TAP for Network Visibility and Data Optimization


Data De-duplication is a popular and popular storage technology that optimizes storage capacity.It eliminates redundant data by removing duplicate data from the dataset, leaving only one copy.As shown in the figure below.This technology can greatly reduce the need for physical storage space to meet the growing demand for data storage.Dedupe technology can bring many practical benefits, mainly including the following aspects:


(1)  Meet ROI(Return On Investment)/TCO(Total Cost of Ownership) requirements;
(2)  The rapid growth of data can be effectively controlled;
(3)  Increase effective storage space and improve storage efficiency;
(4)  Save the total storage cost and management cost;
(5)  Save the network bandwidth of data transmission;
(6)  Save operation and maintenance costs such as space, power supply and cooling.


Packet Deduplication Generator Tap For Network Visibility And Data Optimization 0

Dedupe technology is widely used in data backup and archiving systems, because there are a lot of duplicate data after multiple backups of data, which is very suitable for this technology.In fact, dedupe technology can be used in many situations, including online data, near-line data, and offline data storage systems. It can be implemented in file systems, volume managers, NAS, and sans.Dedupe can also be used for data disaster recovery, data transmission and synchronization, as a data compression technology can be used for data packaging.Dedupe technology can help many applications reduce data storage, save network bandwidth, improve storage efficiency, reduce the backup window, and save costs.

Dedupe has two main dimensions: deduplocation ratios and performance.Dedupe performance depends on the specific implementation technology, while Dedupe rate is determined by the characteristics of the data itself and application patterns, as shown in the table below.Storage vendors currently report deduplication rates ranging from 20:1 to 500:1.


High deduplication rate Low deduplication rate
Data created by the user Data from the natural world
Data low rate of change Data high rate of change
Reference data, inactive data Active data
Low data change rate application High data change rate application
Full data backup Incremental data backup
Data long-term storage Data short-term storage
Wide range of data applications Small range of data applications
Continuous data business processing General data business processing
Small data segmentation Big data segmentation
Elongate data segmentation Fixed length data segmentation
Data content perceived Data content unknown
Time data deduplication Spatial data deduplication

















Dedupe Implementation Points

Various factors should be considered when developing or applying Dedupe technology, as these factors directly affect its performance and effectiveness.


(1)  What  What data are de-weighted?
(2)  When  When will the weight be eliminated?
(3)  Where  Where is the weight elimination?
(4)  How  How to reduce the weight?


Dedupe Key Technology

Deduplication process of storage system in general is this: first of all the data file is divided into a set of data, for each block of data to calculate the fingerprint, and then based on fingerprint Hash search keywords, matching indicates the data for the duplicate data blocks, only stores data block index number, otherwise it means the data block is the only piece of a new, storage of data block and create relevant meta information.Thus, a physical file in the storage system corresponds to a logical representation of a set of FP metadata.When reading the file, first read the logical file, then according to the FP sequence, take out the corresponding data block from the storage system, restore the copy of the physical file.It can be seen from the above process that the key technologies of Dedupe mainly include file data block segmentation, data block fingerprint calculation and data block retrieval.

(1) File data block segmentation

(2) Data block fingerprint calculation

(3) Data block retrieval

Packet Deduplication Generator Tap For Network Visibility And Data Optimization 1


What's the Network Packet Broker and Network Taps to do?
With the acceleration of carrier broadband construction and the rapid development of 3G, 4G, and 5G networks, and with the popularity and development of big data and cloud computing technologies, data traffic is growing, and the bandwidth requirements for backbone networks and core networks are increasing. Since 2013, the major operators have begun to gradually upgrade the backbone network. The core backbone network transmission link media starts to be expanded from 10GPOS and 40GPOS links to 100G Ethernet links. It will inevitably lead to the continuous updating of big data collection and analysis technology. In the face of 100GE link environment with high bandwidth capacity, how to effectively meet the requirements of various national security, network security monitoring, operator intelligent pipeline DPI data collection and analysis will become a hot spot in the field of data acquisition and analysis.
Chengdu Shuwei Communication is following the development direction of the Internet and develop the MATRIX-TCA-CG Traffic Acquisition(Traffic Capture) Visibility System, and dedicated to the traffic collection and visual analysis application requirements on 1GE, 10GE, 10G/40G POS, 40GE and 100GE links. The MATRIX-TCA-CG integrates free-steering output functions such as network flow collection/acquisition, aggregation, filtering, forwarding/distribution, and load balancing and provides an efficient solution for the flow analysis.
Matrix-TCA-CG is a network data visualization control device for high density and large flow of 10G/40G/100G.
Matrix-TCA-CG is specially designed for the data collection of 10GE 40GE and 100GE links distributed intensively in operators mobile Internet export, IDC export, provincial network and backbone.
Based on ATCA standard architecture, MATRIX-TCA-CG has high carrier-level reliability and strong expansibility which can smoothly configure the functional board CARDS to cope with port demand scenarios of various specifications and sizes.


Packet Deduplication Generator Tap For Network Visibility And Data Optimization 2

SDN Network Packet Broker Applications:

After sorting out the main participating entities of the network, the application scenarios of SDN basically focus on telecom operators, government and enterprise customers, data center service providers and Internet companies.The application scenarios of SDN mainly focus on: data center network, interconnection between data centers, government-enterprise network, telecom operator network, and business deployment of Internet companies.


Scenario 1:  application of SDN in data center network
Scenario 2:  application of SDN in data center interconnection
Scenario 3:  application of SDN in government-enterprise network
Scenario 4:  application of SDN in telecom operator network
Scenario 5:  application of SDN in the service deployment of Internet companies



Packet Deduplication Generator Tap For Network Visibility And Data Optimization 3

Network Packet Broker Specification and Module Type


NT-FTAP-32QCX NetTAP® TAP/NPB Functional Parameters
Network Interface 100G(compatible with 40G) 32*QSFP28 slots
Out band interface 1*10/100/1000M cooper
Deploy mode Fiber tap Support
Mirror span Support
System function Traffic processing Traffic replicating/aggregating/splitting Support
Load-balancing Support
Filter based on IP/protocol/port quintuple traffic identification Support
UDF Matching Support
Single fiber transmission Support
Ethernet package independence Support
Processing ability 3.2Tbps
Management CONSOLE MGT Support
IP/WEB MGT Support
SNMP MGT Support
SYSLOG Protocol Support
RADIUS or AAA Centralized authorization Support
User authentication Authentication based on username and password


(1+1 Redundant Power System-RPS)

Rated power supply voltage AC110~240V/DC-48V[Optional]
Rated power frequency AC-50HZ
Rated input current AC-3A / DC-10A
Rated function power Max 450W
Environment Operating temperature 0-50℃
Storage temperature -20-70℃
Working humidity 10%-95%, No condensation
User Configuration Console Configuration RS232 interface,115200,8,N,1
Password authentication Support
Chassis Height Rack Space (U) 1U 445mm*44mm*505mm


Packet Deduplication Generator Tap For Network Visibility And Data Optimization 4NT-FTAP-32QCX Network TAP NPB.pdf

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