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API Network Traffic Monitor Packet Data Broker Integrated Application Programming Interface

API Network Traffic Monitor Packet Data Broker Integrated Application Programming Interface

  • API Network Traffic Monitor Packet Data Broker Integrated Application Programming Interface
API Network Traffic Monitor Packet Data Broker Integrated Application Programming Interface
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API: Application Program Interface API System: The Interface Between User And Computer Hardware
Broker API: SDN Traffic Distribution Matrix Device Interface Network Attack: Mainstreaming Of Cybercrime Happen Everyday
Applications: Data Center Of Telecom, Broadcasting, Operators Related Solutions: Network Visibility, Network Monitor, Network Security, Network Analytics, Data Center, Traffic Management, Traffic Optimize
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internet traffic monitor


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API Network Packet Data Broker Integrated Application Programming Interface


An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of predefined functions or conventions that connect the different components of a software system.The goal is to provide applications and developers with the ability to access a set of routines based on a piece of software or hardware without having to access the source code or understand the details of the inner workings.


API Application Programming Interface Introduction

The operating system is the interface between the user and the computer hardware system. With the help of the operating system, the user can quickly, effectively, safely and reliably manipulate all kinds of resources in the computer system to process his own program.In order to facilitate users to use the operating system, OS provides users with the following two types of interfaces:

(1) user interface: the operating system specifically provides users with a "user-operating system interface", commonly referred to as the user interface.This interface enables interaction between the user and the OS, in which the user provides a specific service to the OS request and the system returns the result of the service to the user.

(2) program Interface: the operating system provides programmers with "program and operating system Interface", referred to as program Interface, also known as Application Programming Interface (API).This interface is for programmers to use in programming. Through this interface, the system and applications can access the resources in the system and obtain the services of the OS during execution. It is also the only way that the program can obtain the services of the operating system.The programming interface of most operating systems consists of a set of system calls, each of which is a subroutine that performs a specific function.

Application program interface (API), also known as application programming interface (API), is a set of definitions, programs and protocols, through the API interface between computer software to achieve mutual communication.One of the main functions of the API is to provide a common set of functions.The API is also a middleware that provides data sharing for a variety of platforms.In the practice of programming, the design of programming interface should first make the responsibility of software system reasonably divided.Good interface design can reduce the interdependence of various parts of the system, improve the cohesion of component units, reduce the degree of coupling between component units, thus improving the maintainability and scalability of the system.

API Network Traffic Monitor Packet Data Broker Integrated Application Programming Interface 0


100G Data Acquisition, Data Capturing and Switch Service Card/Module Network Packet Brokers with API (Application Programming Interface)

API Network Traffic Monitor Packet Data Broker Integrated Application Programming Interface 1

Flexible third-party API interfaces that are easy to integrate into the security situational awareness platform

Based on the open J2EE platform architecture, MATRIX monitoring traffic visualization system can flexibly support various forms of interface export to the third-party security management platform or situation monitoring platform for unified presentation or integration. The supported interface integration forms include but are not limited to the following ways:

1- Matrix system exports the key state information and obtains/issues the API for the third-party platform to call for tight integration.The interface form of the API can be Webservice or socket, or other interface forms can be supported through custom development.

2- Interface-level integration between the matrix system and the third-party platform is achieved through the SSO single sign-on interface using the framework page-level embedded presentation.


API Level Data Integration

When the security management operation center platform needs better display effect and unified display style, the MATRIX-NetInsight flow visualization system can also provide functional-level API data integration interface to provide data for unified display to the operation platform. The main types of API data interface include but are not limited to the following:

SDN traffic distribution matrix device state class interface

SDN traffic distribution matrix device data statistics class interactive interface

SDN traffic distribution matrix device policy class interaction interface

Snapshot event interaction interface

Network traffic content session data query interface

Network traffic real-time data interactive interface.

The platform can use one or more types of interfaces to perform data integration and display or issue policies according to the display needs.


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API Network Traffic Monitor Packet Data Broker Integrated Application Programming Interface 2


The MATRIX traffic collection visual management system can be completed by deploying:

1- E-government cloud presence network topology, the relationship between collection point location and presence network topology, the collection network topology itself, security analysis equipment (intrusion detection, audit, FLOWEYE, etc.) and other overall equipment involved in the whole monitoring flow acquisition and analysis chain for unified visual display and monitoring.

2- real-time monitoring and collection of healthy operation status information of the link, including real-time display of current flow rate curve;Inquiry and display of historical flow rate curve;Links are displayed based on different packet length distribution models to reflect message application characteristics.Links are presented based on the distribution models of different unicast/multicast/broadcast messages to reflect the network health profile.

3- Real-time monitoring of traffic status information output to different back-end security analysis systems.Based on the fact that different security analysis systems may focus on different types of traffic data, the MATRIX system can monitor the flow curve status and statistics output to each analysis system in real time.

4- Real-time state monitoring of the acquisition link/flow output link. In case of link anomalies or significant anomalies in the flow model, the system can generate warnings and output them to the security situation awareness platform through the interface for unified presentation. Users can further process the anomalies in a timely manner to improve the availability of the whole system.

5 - MATRIX flow acquisition visual management system to perform sampling MATRIX in each equipment unit visualization of flow distribution strategy management, based on the current network topology view and go deep into the application of lateral flow classification described strategy can be more clear description of the complete flow distribution configuration, greatly reduce maintenance difficulty traffic management strategies.

The 6-matrix traffic collection visual management system can not only independently provide a visual WEB interface, but also provide WEBSERVICE, socket and other types of API interface to integrate with the security management platform, and accept the unified centralized management of the security management platform to present a unified management view to users.

To sum up, through the deployment of SDN flow collection and distribution MATRIX and MATRIX flow collection and distribution of visual management system components to the cloud security management unified e-government platform and tightly integrated with platform construction, achieve the basis of the unified administration of e-government cloud network traffic data management effect, for the analysis of network security and security situational awareness system provide strong support.


Network Packet Brokers Parameters:


Component type Product Model Basic Parameter Remarks
Service card NT-TCA-SCG10 100G exchange card,10*QSFP28 interface Choose according to actual business needs
NT-TCA-CG10 100G service card,10*QSFP28 interface
NT-TCA-XG24 10G service card,24*SFP+ interface
NT-TCA-RTM-CG10 100G RTM card,10*QSFP28 interface
NT-TCA-RTM-EXG24 10G RTM card,24*SFP+ interface
TCA Visibility Embedded software system NT-TCA-SOFT-PKG   must













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