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Traffic Network Visibility Solutions NPB SDN Traffic Capture and Distribution from TAP or SPAN Port

Traffic Network Visibility Solutions NPB SDN Traffic Capture and Distribution from TAP or SPAN Port

    • Traffic Network Visibility Solutions NPB SDN Traffic Capture and Distribution from TAP or SPAN Port
  • Traffic Network Visibility Solutions NPB SDN Traffic Capture and Distribution from TAP or SPAN Port

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: NetTAP®
    Certification: CCC, CE, RoHS
    Model Number: MATRIX-TCA-CG

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
    Price: Can Discuss
    Packaging Details: Outer Carton plus Inner Foam
    Delivery Time: 1-3 Working Days
    Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
    Supply Ability: 100 sets per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Features: Capture, Replicate, Aggregate, Precess, Forward And Analysis Data Distribute: Sent Right Data To Right Security Tools
    Visibility: See Network Traffic And Applications That Are Traveling Across Links Value: Attacks Hunting To Ensure Network Security
    SSL Decryption: Expose Hidden Security Threats Where Visibility: Physical, Hybrid Cloud Equipment, Virtual Data Center
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    network visibility tools


    capture network traffic

    Traffic Visibility NPB SDN Traffic Capture and Distribution from TAP or SPAN Port
    What is Network Packet Broker's(NPB) Network Visibility?
    Network visibility is enabling network administrators to capture, replicate, aggregate, precess, forward, analysis and see network traffic and applications that are traveling across Wide Area and Local Area network links. Once captured, the network traffic can be mapped to various tools for analytics, performance enhancement and security. There are many specialized tools to perform these functions that all must be connected to network links in order to provide traffic data to tools. This connectivity is the foundation of visibility and can be managed in one of three ways. Direct connection is where the tools are connected directly to live links. This allows the tool to directly see and manipulate traffic. It becomes an integral part of the network and will be able to analyze data, block data and send packets back into the network. The primary limitation of direct in-line connection is potential network disruption, if the tool should go off line due to a power disruption, maintenance or any other reason make the network down. If the tool goes down, the link goes down. If you have multiple tools on a link, the probability for disruption increases accordingly. There are also financial considerations with this method. In target networks, it can be financially stressful to deploy multiple network tools on every link.
    Background Introduction
    After 10 years of technology accumulation and precipitation, NetTAP launched the Network Traffic Data Visibility Management and Control Platform independently developed. It will realize your comprehensive intelligent control over where network traffic data assets come from and go. This platform adopts the perfect combination of non-invasive SDN Traffic Collection Distribution MATRIX and MATRIX Visual Control System to present the existing network topology, acquisition node, control platform and back-end application monitoring system in a highly correlated manner, thus forming a unified global Network Visibility monitoring management perspective.


    - Complete the sorting, processing and unified scheduling of East-west and North-south flow to meet the deployment needs of monitoring systems.

    - The real-time capture of traffic data of the existing network is completed, and the intelligent learning algorithm and big data modeling analysis are applied to deeply analyze, visually present the Operation Situation and Development Law of Business Side, User Side, Network Node, Network Element Device and Message Interaction, so as to provide a factual basis for network construction decisions.

    - Complete the network fault, data abnormal event accurate second-class location, retain the full amount of abnormal original data.

    - The final realization of the user data assets comprehensive, efficient, accurate, safe, visual one-stop management, to help users to solve the problem of invisible, can not find, can not touch, to improve the operation of the network business system support capacity and troubleshooting efficiency.


    Network Packet Broker Visibility Value

    - Efficient Collection and management to achieve Value Transformation

    - Data Multiperspective, Multidimensional Presentation, and Complete Control

    - Customized Traffic Control ensures asset security

    - Accurate Analysis, Quick Positioning, Reduce Loss

    - Traffic situation detection early warning, reduce the risk

    - Immediately attacks hunting to ensure network security
    Large-capacity Network Visibility 10G/40G/100G Capture, Aggregation and Distribution Application, Distribute Related Data from Network TAP to Rlated Security Tools

    Traffic Network Visibility Solutions NPB SDN Traffic Capture and Distribution from TAP or SPAN Port 0


    Span deployment the high-performance, high-capacity MATRIX-TCA-CG traffic acquisition visibility system to uniformly collect data traffic of any node location and any link type (10G/40G/100G) on the entire network, and then data traffic can be transmitted through the system. The size, structure, relationship, etc. are collated and analyzed. After the invisible data signal is converted into a visible entity, the user can copy, aggregate, and offload the required target data to each back-end system for depth detection and analysis according to system requirements.
    In this configuration, live network traffic passes through the TAP, directly into the active tool and back into the network in real time. This allows the tool to analyze the traffic, manipulate packets, stop suspicious packets and take immediate action on the link to block malicious traffic. These tools include Active Firewall and Intrusion prevention systems (IPS/NGFW). The TAP in the active stack has unique bypass technology that sends a heartbeat to the active tool. If the tool goes off line for any reason, the TAP can bypass the tool keeping live network traffic flowing. When the heartbeat returns, traffic automatically returns to normal operation flowing through the tool. Managing and protecting network infrastructure and information requires focus. Each of these devices specializes on a very tight functional range. The example above is by no means a complete list of network monitoring, management and security tool options. There are many purpose built tools for applications such as Data Loss Protection (DLP), Customer Experience Management (CEM), and Identity Access Management (IAM). A simple web search will turn up a wide variety of devices that can be added to these links based on specific threats or required analysis. Having a multiple port TAP foundation allows tools to easily and safely be added, repurposed or changed depending on the immediate needs of the network. There is a logical step by step flow when developing a visibility strategy; access, capture, analyze, secure and remediate if necessary. Ideally, if the right strategy and tools are in place along with other organizational influences to be discussed later, the remediation step will hopefully not be required. However, as is often said, plan for the best but prepare for the worst.

    Network Packet Broker Specification and Module Type

    Component type Product Model Basic Parameter Remarks
    Chassis NTCA-CHS-7U7S-DC Height:7U,7 slots, ATCA Chassis, double star 100G backplane, 3 high voltage DC(240VDC~280VDC) input,3* 2+1 redundant 3000W power modular Must choose one
    NTCA-CHS-7U7S-AC Height:7U,7 slots, ATCA Chassis, double star 100G backplane, 3 high voltage AC(240VDC~280VDC) input,3* 2+1 redundant 3000W power modular
    Service card NT-TCA-SCG10 100G exchange card,10*QSFP28 interface Choose according to actual business needs
    NT-TCA-CG10 100G service card,10*QSFP28 interface
    NT-TCA-XG24 10G service card,24*SFP+ interface
    NT-TCA-RTM-CG10 100G RTM card,10*QSFP28 interface
    NT-TCA-RTM-EXG24 10G RTM card,24*SFP+ interface
    TCA Visibility Embedded software system NT-TCA-SOFT-PKG   must

    Machine Specification

    Items Specifications
    Chassis size NTCA-CHS-7U7S-DC:310.45mm(H) × 482.6mm(W)× 443.6mm(D)
    NTCA-CHS-7U7S-AC:310.45mm(H) × 482.6mm(W)× 443.6mm(D)
    NTCA-CHS-16U14S-DC:708.35 mm(H) × 482.6mm(W)× 502.15mm(D)
    NTCA-CHS-16U14S-AC:708.35 mm(H) × 482.6mm(W)× 502.15mm(D)
    Adapter chassis and power Power supply
    NTCA-CHS-7U7S-DC:High voltage DC(240VDC~280VDC)
    NTCA-CHS-7U7S-AC:220V AC
    NTCA-CHS-16U14S-DC:High voltage DC(240VDC~280VDC)
    NTCA-CHS-16U14S-AC:220V AC
    NTCA-CHS-7U7S-DC:Full configuration maximum power consumption < 3000W
    NTCA-CHS-7U7S-AC:Full configuration maximum power consumption < 3000W
    NTCA-CHS-16U14S-DC:Full configuration maximum power consumption < 5000W
    NTCA-CHS-16U14S-AC:Full configuration maximum power consumption < 5000W
    Environment requirement Working temperature:0℃~50℃
    Storage temperature:-20℃~80℃
    Working humidity:5%~95%,Non-condensation
    Standard Certification Advanced®specification PICMG® 3.0 R2.0
    RoHs,Designed for CE,FCC,NEBS Level 3

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