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5G Packet Sniffing Tools Monitor And Manage Your Traffic Accelerate Threat Response

5G Packet Sniffing Tools Monitor And Manage Your Traffic Accelerate Threat Response

  • 5G Packet Sniffing Tools Monitor And Manage Your Traffic Accelerate Threat Response
5G Packet Sniffing Tools Monitor And Manage Your Traffic Accelerate Threat Response
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: NetTAP®
Certification: CCC, CE, RoHS
Model Number: MATRIX-TCA-CG
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Price: Can Discuss
Packaging Details: Outer Carton plus Inner Foam
Delivery Time: 1-3 Working Days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100 sets per month
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Detailed Product Description
5G: The 5th Generation Wireless Systems Hunting Threat: Accelerate Threat Response
5G Network: Bring Network Security And Data Leak Risk 5G Security: Traffic Need To Be Managed, Monitored, Analyzed
Applications: Operators Of Telecommunication And Broadcasting 5G Under Attack: Active Defense Hacker, Threat Hunting
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5G Network Packet Sniffer Monitor and Manage your Traffic Accelerate Threat Response


What's the Matrix Modular Designed Plug-in Network Packet Broker to do in 5G Networks?
With the acceleration of carrier broadband construction and the rapid development of 3G, 4G, and 5G networks, and with the popularity and development of big data and cloud computing technologies, data traffic is growing, and the bandwidth requirements for backbone networks and core networks are increasing. Since 2013, the major operators have begun to gradually upgrade the backbone network. The core backbone network transmission link media starts to be expanded from 10GPOS and 40GPOS links to 100G Ethernet links. It will inevitably lead to the continuous updating of big data collection and analysis technology. In the face of 100GE link environment with high bandwidth capacity, how to effectively meet the requirements of various national security, network security monitoring, operator intelligent pipeline DPI data collection and analysis will become a hot spot in the field of data acquisition and analysis.
Chengdu Shuwei Communication is following the development direction of the Internet and develop the MATRIX-TCA-CG Traffic Acquisition(Traffic Capture) Visibility System, and dedicated to the traffic collection and visual analysis application requirements on 1GE, 10GE, 10G/40G POS, 40GE and 100GE links. The MATRIX-TCA-CG integrates free-steering output functions such as network flow collection/acquisition, aggregation, filtering, forwarding/distribution, and load balancing and provides an efficient solution for the flow analysis.

5G Packet Sniffing Tools Monitor And Manage Your Traffic Accelerate Threat Response 0



Large-capacity Network Visibility 10G/40G/100G Capture, Aggregation and Distribution Application Networks Packet Sniffer


5G Packet Sniffing Tools Monitor And Manage Your Traffic Accelerate Threat Response 1

Span Out-of-band deployment the high-performance, high-capacity MATRIX-TCA-CG traffic acquisition visibility system, the large-scale data collected by the entire network can be forwarded and processed before the output through the friendly graphic interaction interface, such as data desensitization and slicing. , deduplication, time stamping, etc.

At the same time, the system is also fully capable of multi-dimensional and multi-view visualization of collected data, including traffic composition structure, network-wide node traffic distribution, user terminal information, user access flow, data compliance detection, abnormal event detection, and abnormality. Monitor and analyze traffic, service alarms, NE/link faults, packet exchange status, packet snapshots, traffic trends, etc., and establish a comprehensive data collection visualization platform for each.


What 5G Network Bring us, the Opportunity and Challenge aslo Network Security Risk?

2019, 5G(The 5th Generation Wireless Systems) industry ushered in this year of commercial landing. 5G not only provides a new form of high-speed Internet for billions of people around the world, but also becomes a new critical infrastructure for the interconnection of everything with its advantages of real-time, high-speed and multi-device concurrency support.Industrial Internet, Internet of vehicles, smart grid, smart city and military network will all be developed on 5G network. But just as we enjoy the enormous power that 5G brings, on the other hand, unprecedented security risks come with it. Especially when the network slice technology blurs the boundary and the network space is closely connected with the physical space, hackers also use the "5G Wind" to launch attacks, and the Internet of things, Internet of vehicles, industrial control and other critical infrastructure bear the brunt of the attack, becoming a key target.It can be said that under the wave of 5G, network security has also become a centuryold problem.


Under the 5G wave, the network security faces the opportunity and the challenge

5G is a double-edged sword.In the great power game of the future, the 5G technology revolution determines how fast a country can go, while the 5G security defense capability determines how far the country can go.


Opportunities under the 5G wave: the interconnection of everything in the world

5G, a new technical term, is all too familiar today.With the three features of large broadband (eMBB), high reliability and low delay (uRLLC) and mass large connection (mMTC), it constructs three Application Scenarios Successively:

EMBB: the download rate of 10GB per second makes it possible for mobile broadband services with large flow such as 3D and ultra hd video.

URLLC: the theoretical time delay of 5G is 1ms, so that unmanned driving, industrial automation and other businesses do not stop at movies;

MMTC: the theoretical value of the number of connected Internet of things terminals in 5G single communication cell has reached millions.

According to IDC, the number of Internet of things devices worldwide will reach 41.6 billion by 2025.Industrial Internet, Internet of vehicles, smart grid, smart city and military network will all be developed on 5G network.It can be said that from the interconnection of people and people, to the interconnection of things, and then to the combination of things, 5G technology will eventually build an intelligent world of everything for us.


Challenges under the 5G wave: Network Security, traffic need to be Managed, Monitored, Analyzed.

But just as we're enjoying the tremendous power that 5G brings, at the other end of the spectrum are unprecedented security risks:

When 5G is combined with Internet of vehicles, telemedicine, industrial automation, smart grid and other important vertical industries with the characteristics of "low delay + high reliability", the network attack objects and interests are further expanded.

When 5G supports the "big connect business", putting more critical infrastructure and important application architectures on top of it, these high-value targets may attract a greater attack force -- national hackers.

When 5G breaks the network boundary and further integrates the network world with the physical world, attacks on the virtual world will become physical harm, and the influence of network attacks will soar exponentially.

Just a few days ago, li huidi, vice President of China mobile, pointed out in a speech at the China cybersecurity industry summit forum in 2019 that without 5G security, there would be no industry security.In particular, 5G will be widely used in power and energy, transportation, industrial manufacturing and other key industries. Once the network is attacked or invaded, it will seriously threaten a country's economic and social stability and people's production and life.

5G Packet Sniffing Tools Monitor And Manage Your Traffic Accelerate Threat Response 2


To cope with 5G security challenges, think tanks believe that security big data, threat intelligence, knowledge base, security experts and other resources should be integrated.Think holistically, not locally;Use active defense instead of static defense;To "visible, defensible" network security defense capabilities to actively respond.


Moreover, as the prosperity of 5G era needs efforts from the government, the operators and all walks of life, under my 5G safety ecology also need industry, network security companies and government departments work together, work together to deepen under 5G era of attack and defense of network security research and respond to, only then can we truly protect individuals, industry and even the national security.


Network Packet Broker Specification and Module Type

Component type Product Model Basic Parameter Remarks
Chassis NTCA-CHS-7U7S-DC Height:7U,7 slots, ATCA Chassis, double star 100G backplane, 3 high voltage DC(240VDC~280VDC) input,3* 2+1 redundant 3000W power modular Must choose one
NTCA-CHS-7U7S-AC Height:7U,7 slots, ATCA Chassis, double star 100G backplane, 3 high voltage AC(240VDC~280VDC) input,3* 2+1 redundant 3000W power modular
Service card NT-TCA-SCG10 100G exchange card,10*QSFP28 interface Choose according to actual business needs
NT-TCA-CG10 100G service card,10*QSFP28 interface
NT-TCA-XG24 10G service card,24*SFP+ interface
NT-TCA-RTM-CG10 100G RTM card,10*QSFP28 interface
NT-TCA-RTM-EXG24 10G RTM card,24*SFP+ interface
TCA Visibility Embedded software system NT-TCA-SOFT-PKG   must




 5G Packet Sniffing Tools Monitor And Manage Your Traffic Accelerate Threat Response 3 

Machine Specification

Items Specifications
Chassis size NTCA-CHS-7U7S-DC:310.45mm(H) × 482.6mm(W)× 443.6mm(D)
NTCA-CHS-7U7S-AC:310.45mm(H) × 482.6mm(W)× 443.6mm(D)
NTCA-CHS-16U14S-DC:708.35 mm(H) × 482.6mm(W)× 502.15mm(D)
NTCA-CHS-16U14S-AC:708.35 mm(H) × 482.6mm(W)× 502.15mm(D)
Adapter chassis and power Power supply
NTCA-CHS-7U7S-DC:High voltage DC(240VDC~280VDC)
NTCA-CHS-16U14S-DC:High voltage DC(240VDC~280VDC)
NTCA-CHS-7U7S-DC:Full configuration maximum power consumption < 3000W
NTCA-CHS-7U7S-AC:Full configuration maximum power consumption < 3000W
NTCA-CHS-16U14S-DC:Full configuration maximum power consumption < 5000W
NTCA-CHS-16U14S-AC:Full configuration maximum power consumption < 5000W
Environment requirement Working temperature:0℃~50℃
Storage temperature:-20℃~80℃
Working humidity:5%~95%,Non-condensation
Standard Certification Advanced®specification PICMG® 3.0 R2.0
RoHs,Designed for CE,FCC,NEBS Level 3

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