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Wireshark Packet Analysis VS Network Packet Sniffer Capture Analysis And Troubleshooting

Wireshark Packet Analysis VS Network Packet Sniffer Capture Analysis And Troubleshooting

    • Wireshark Packet Analysis VS Network Packet Sniffer Capture Analysis And Troubleshooting
  • Wireshark Packet Analysis VS Network Packet Sniffer Capture Analysis And Troubleshooting

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    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: NetTAP®
    Certification: CCC, CE, RoHS
    Model Number: NT-TCA-XG24

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    Detailed Product Description
    Packet Sniffer: Eavesdrop On Traffic Traveling Between Networked Equipment Packet Analyzer: Looks At Packets And What They Contained
    Traffic Mapping: To Various Tools For Analytics, Performance Enhancement And Security Wireshark: A Network Packet Sniffer?
    Management: NetTAP® Network Visibility And Matrix NetInsight™ Analysis: For Your Network Troubleshooting
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    Wireshark Packet Analyzer VS Network Packet Sniffer Capture Analysis and Troubleshooting 


    What is the Network Packet Sniffer to do?

    Network Packet Sniffer is a device that allows the user to eavesdrop on traffic traveling between networked equipment. The program will capture data that is addressed to other machines, saving it for later analysis. All information that travels across a network is sent in "packets." For example, when an email is sent from one computer to another, it is first broken up into smaller segments. Each segment has the destination address attached, the source address, and other information such as the number of packets and reassembly order. Once they arrive at the destination, the packet's headers and footers are stripped away, and the packets are reconstituted. Network Packet Sniffer is different of packet analyzer, A packet analyzer looks at packets and tries to make some inferences about what they contain.


    But, Network Packet Sniffer is not just a hacker's tool. It can be used for network troubleshooting and other useful purposes. In the wrong hands, however, this software can capture sensitive personal information that can lead to invasion of privacy, identity theft, and other serious problems. And a lot of network packet sniffers (including the original Sniffer software that ran on DOS, and its Windows successor, as well as tcpdump, Wireshark, snoop, Microsoft Network Monitor, and so on) are both sniffers (in that they can capture network traffic) and analyzers (as they can dissect packets and analyze them).



    Network Packet Broker For your System Value

    No.1 Capture, Replicate, Filter, Aggregate and Load-Balance traffic collected by Intelligent TAPs across your Network in real-time.

    No.2 NetTAP® Network Visibility and Matrix NetInsight™ Interface for simple, intelligent port-mapping and all management.

    No.3 Deploy with ultimate scalability, using a fully-modular design to expand as your infrastructure evolves.

    Matrix-TCA-CG is a network data visualization control device for high density and large flow of 10G/40G/100G.
    Matrix-TCA-CG is specially designed for the data collection of 10GE 40GE and 100GE links distributed intensively in operators mobile Internet export, IDC export, provincial network and backbone.
    Based on ATCA standard architecture, MATRIX-TCA-CG has high carrier-level reliability and strong expansibility which can smoothly configure the functional board CARDS to cope with port demand scenarios of various specifications and sizes.

    The NTCA-CHS-7U7S is a 7U standard rack height. The chassis adopts the horizontal slot service slot mode. The device supports a total of seven slots, including two switching slots and five service slots. Each slot provides 300W cooling capacity, the chassis uses a pull-type cooling air duct to provide good heat dissipation performance for the whole machine. The backplane adopts a dual-star architecture, providing 200Gbps full-duplex interconnected channels in each switch slot to the service slot. Fully equipped with two switch cards can achieve 400G backplane bandwidth per service slot.


    The NTCA-CHS-16U14S is a 16U standard rack height. The chassis adopts the horizontal insertion service slot mode. The whole machine supports 14 card slots, including 4 switching slots and 10 service slots. Each slot provides 300W cooling capacity, the chassis uses a pull-type cooling air duct to provide good heat dissipation performance for the whole machine. The backplane adopts a dual-star architecture, providing independent 100Gbps backplane bandwidth for each switch slot to the service slot. Fully 4 switch cards can provide 400G backplane cross-board bandwidth application per service slot.


    NT-TCA-XG24 10G Data Acquisition, Data Capturing and Switch Service Card/Module

    Wireshark Packet Analysis VS Network Packet Sniffer Capture Analysis And Troubleshooting 0

    Card Interface

    Service interface:24*SFP+ 10G(compatible with 1G)interface.
    Management interface:1*RJ45 interface
    CONSOLE interface:1*RJ45 interface
    BASE interface:2*1000MInter-board communication interface
    FABRIC interface:4*100G Service data backplane dedicated transmission interface
    IPMC interface:1*RJ45 interface


    Card Function Overview

    NT-TCA-XG24 is a multi-function service card with integrated 10G interface for integrated data service collection and aggregation of split output. The card supports:

    1- 1G/10G links access and acquisition
    2- 1G/10G links aggregating, diverting and filtering
    3- 1G/10G links data accurate identification
    4- 1G/10G links packet tag
    5- Built-in simple ShMC monitors the operating temperature of the board.
    6- Complete the data processing policy configuration and execution of this board.
    7- The RTM can support 24*10GE interfaces to complete the acquisition or aggregation of the 1G/10G link.
    8- 4*100GBASE-KR backplane interface can complete Import and output of cross-board services.


    Card Function and Feature

    NT-TCA-XG24 built-in high-performance large-capacity data processing ASIC chip, which can complete business data aggregation and shunt up to 880Gbps.The main function and features are:

    1- 24 SFP+10G Ethernet interfaces on the front panel, which can complete 1G/10G link splitting and image acquisition input or 1G/10G service traffic convergence and split output.
    2- Provides four 100GBASE-FABRIC service data transmission channels to provide high-performance transmission channels for cross-board data exchange services between the board and the switch board.
    3- Supports NT-TCA-RTM-EXG24 rear panel interface scalable card, and expands an additional 24 SFP+ type 10G Ethernet interfaces. The scalable interface can also complete 1G/10G link acquisition or split output.
    4- The flexible multi-group field matching filtering policy rules are used to establish black and white lists of traffic that are of interest to users, and to flexibly combine and use them to filter and output business data as needed. The multi-group field covers the standard fields of the packet stream, such as five-tuple, physical port, MAC address, vlan, and L3/L4 protocol domain.
    5- Based on the user-defined field (UDF) filtering rule matching, the UDF custom domain can support a custom match of 128 bytes before the message. Typical applications can be used to filter HTTP GET/POST packets, tunnel-based packet key segment matching, etc.
    6- Up to 128K High-capacity accurate field matching rules, providing users with independent packet filtering support for independent IP/MAC/L4PORT fields.
    7- Complete the replication, split, and load balancing of service data in the service board.
    8- Supports command line-based CONSOLE/TELNET/SSH management, and also supports graphical-based HTTP/WEB configuration management interface with switchboard.
    9- Support independent update and upgrade of the software version of this service board.

    Network Packet Broker Specification and Module Type

    Component type Product Model Basic Parameter Remarks
    Service card NT-TCA-SCG10 100G exchange card,10*QSFP28 interface Choose according to actual business needs
    NT-TCA-CG10 100G service card,10*QSFP28 interface
    NT-TCA-XG24 10G service card,24*SFP+ interface
    NT-TCA-RTM-CG10 100G RTM card,10*QSFP28 interface
    NT-TCA-RTM-EXG24 10G RTM card,24*SFP+ interface
    TCA Visibility Embedded software system NT-TCA-SOFT-PKG   must



    Items Specification
    Card name NT-TCA-SCG10 100G service exchange card
    Interface type Support 10*QSFP28 100GE/40GE interface
    Additional support 10*QSFP28 100GE/40GE interface (used with RTM card)
    exchange capacity 3.2Tbps(including Cross-board service exchange capability)
    Deployment mode Support optical splitting/mirror span
    data processing ability support replication/aggregation/filtering
    support dynamic load balancing
    Support IP/protocol/port seven-tuple traffic identification filtering
    Support UDF custom offset matching filtering
    Support for inner and outer identification split in tunnel protocols
    Support for Ethernet encapsulation independence support
    Support more than 1 million basic IPv4 seven-tuple rules
    Support Ethernet L2-L4 layer protocol identification
    Support data forwarding between cards
    system management ability Support unified monitoring and management of the whole machine working environment
    Support unified management of data processing strategies
    Support unified management of software version of the whole machine
    Support the whole machine control board election management
    Support CONSOLE management
    Support IP/WEB management
    Support SNMP management
    Support TELNET/SSH management
    Support SYSLOG
    Machine Specification
    Items Specifications
    Chassis size NTCA-CHS-7U7S-DC:310.45mm(H) × 482.6mm(W)× 443.6mm(D)
    NTCA-CHS-7U7S-AC:310.45mm(H) × 482.6mm(W)× 443.6mm(D)
    NTCA-CHS-16U14S-DC:708.35 mm(H) × 482.6mm(W)× 502.15mm(D)
    NTCA-CHS-16U14S-AC:708.35 mm(H) × 482.6mm(W)× 502.15mm(D)
    Adapter chassis and power Power supply
    NTCA-CHS-7U7S-DC:High voltage DC(240VDC~280VDC)
    NTCA-CHS-7U7S-AC:220V AC
    NTCA-CHS-16U14S-DC:High voltage DC(240VDC~280VDC)
    NTCA-CHS-16U14S-AC:220V AC
    NTCA-CHS-7U7S-DC:Full configuration maximum power consumption < 3000W
    NTCA-CHS-7U7S-AC:Full configuration maximum power consumption < 3000W
    NTCA-CHS-16U14S-DC:Full configuration maximum power consumption < 5000W
    NTCA-CHS-16U14S-AC:Full configuration maximum power consumption < 5000W
    Environment requirement Working temperature:0℃~50℃
    Storage temperature:-20℃~80℃
    Working humidity:5%~95%,Non-condensation
    Standard Certification Advanced®specification PICMG® 3.0 R2.0
    RoHs,Designed for CE,FCC,NEBS Level 3

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